Maio de 2011

“The Tree of Life”

30 de Maio de 2011

My “real time” review


Illustration: Taken from: António Damásio – “Looking for Spinoza”

The movie makes you feel sorry, makes you feel small, doesn’t make you think, makes you think you know…makes you sick…lies to you…makes you feel like god and that feeling feels like shit. Makes you see what he sees. What you don’t see it’s inductive…it is just not there…makes you feel that you understand, that it’s not that hard…that you should value love over money…that there’s no shadow when there’s no light…it makes you cry when it makes you feel you’ve discovered something…it’s Mandelbrot complexity and it’s Ponyo simplicity for let’s you be a bit for just a little…it make you feel there’s never no middle…or that the middle is what you should aim for…it’s only when you loose something…it makes you want to give more…it made me understand why i talk to my grand grand mother and not god…It makes you feel that the light is not up there but right over here…it kind of makes it easy for all of Us.
…and its’ ok because everything can be anything.

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