Julho de 2011

Sleeping on networks…

23 de Julho de 2011


My thoughts on a “new” “possible” “type” of “network”:
(For all my HPI Future Partners)

Guys, Let’s not talk about open or closed or for us or for all or for students or for people, Let’s take this motivation to create something different FROM THE BEGINNING. Why not build a network based on TRUST or on votes or on levels of stupidity or craziness or geekness…why not build a SuperNetOrganism (new name for a different type of network)…Shit I don’t know.

I have to add this: I like the idea of a physical network.
The idea of a gathering that influenced our lives forever. Some of us will work with others in small groups that will create others groups that will meet new people and so on. Like the butterfly effect…I like one idea that could map this thing. Not how design thinking changes our lives but do we as a group that got together 30 years ago – that’s me thinking in the future – change each other or contributed to each others future even in a small scale. Not everyone will get to the end but everyone will have a share of this event. A BIG F… MASSIVE EVENT. One of us would end up as a prime minister, other will end up as a father a filmmaker a cooker and maybe that was influenced by one sentence or one gesture from this guy or that girl that was at the HPI in 2011. You could even put this is a annual conference hosted by each one of us every year to inspire other people to follow this path. To recognize the value of small stuff, of small actions, small details…To recognize the value of still getting physically together because of a simple story that got us all “there”. The power to say go or just to go.

Or maybe I’m just connecting this (Portuguese Only) with TED Talks and Design Thinking. In the end I know that this is just the beginning of something really great and inspiring…honestly, I don´t know why but I feel like saying Hell Yeah – I’m in.

A brand…

17 de Julho de 2011

A brand is a personal belief.

…e já passaram uns anos…

4 de Julho de 2011


Comecei a desenhar para a web em 2004/2005 e não deixa de ser surpreendente que alguns dos sites que criei durante esse período ainda se encontrem no ar.

Ficam dois exemplos:
Maria João Rodrigues / Metropolis
(sinto que passados 6 ou 7 anos ainda está fresquinho…ou pelo menos há ali qualquer coisa que ainda me surpreende)

Velhas Técnicas Novos Conceitos / Evol
(para quem tem flash e alguma paciência)

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