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Hi Louise,
I found this email somewhere on the web but I don’t know if this “Louise” is the one who wrote the book “Beyond the Brain“…well, I suppose it is so here I go…

I’m a brand designer who likes to read random books about different topics and I have to confess that I have this “thing” about the brain…maybe it’s because Damásio is Portuguese like me, Jonah Lehrer is entertaining and I really love his writings or Daniel Pink was able to fool me for some time (Daniel, no worries, I like your books)!
I was just amazed by what I’ve read from you. Sometimes it feels like everyone is wrong for such a long time and maybe that’s because of some individual obsession to go on with a strong belief (for example Darwin is right but what if he’s wrong?). You suggest that you believe and I find that so simple, amazing and convincing. It gives me more space to think that you can be right about this and it’s a “body-blowing” (: sensation (by the way, I was not looking at my keyboard when I wrote some of these words, and I also have to think the numbers with my fingers before I dial a number on the cell phone).

Thank you very much for inspiring me.
Hope to talk to you one day.


Dear Rui

Please excuse the brevity of this message, but it’s right in the middle of exams, and I’m up to my ears in marking at the moment, but I did want to respond and say thanks very much indeed for your very kind words, and I’m so pleased you liked the book. I must say the nicest thing so far about writing it has been getting in touch with such a variety of people, from different fields, who have found something interesting in it.

So, as I say, sorry this is a bit brief, but thank you very much for taking the time and trouble to write.

all the best,



This email was posted with Louise’s permission.


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