Love is viral!

What do you love about Lisbon? from Lisbonlovers on Vimeo.

In september 2011 I was invited by Lisbonlovers to produce a video for their brand. We brainstormed around the “feelings for the city” and in the end we came up with the concept of making a video as a postcard where basically you could pass to someone what you like the most about the beautiful city of Lisbon.
After this it was just fun. Helmets, vespa, going out with a camera, black board and some chalk a sardine and a lot of guts to approach all of those amazing people who contributed for the video.
Some weeks tuning everything, refining, finding the perfect rhythm for the video narrative, iterating again, trying to convince Márcia and EMI that her song was the perfect fit and just let things take their natural course.
In the end we just let love do the job. More than 10.000 views on Vimeo. Hundreds of people sharing and talking about it. 700 new fans on their Facebook page and counting…and all of this in just 4 days. I’m amazed.
Thanks everyone for sharing this love.

2 Comentários a “Love is viral!”

  1. Thank you, Rui, for your time and passion. This is what Lisbonlovers is all about; people coming together to share their talent and knowledge, helping Lisbon to achieve its full potential. Oh, and get ready, we are already thinking about the next video!

  2. Rui Quinta diz:

    Thanks João.
    That’s the best compliment…Let’s do it.


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