Vielen dank.

The end.
The 7 months in HPI School of Design Thinking are over. 3 main projects, 3 great teams. A lot of fun and hard work. A lot of struggle. A lot of stupid ideas. A lot of thinking. A lot of good ideas. A lot of friends. Connections for the future. A lot of bad days. Great days. Speedy presentations. Responsibility. Learning. Understanding. A lot of team work. A lot of awareness on your own process. A bunch of post-its and colorful pens. A knowledge sharing platform for kids in 3 weeks. 6 weeks developing a motivational campaign to bring adolescents to a boring exhibition and a 12 week project on the topic of design thinking that ended up in style with a website prototype, a working app for the iPad that measures empathy (-Is that even possible? Oh Yes!) and a big show with UFO’s flying around (we still want a magician to make us disappear in the end!).

I know it sounds a bit crazy but in the end everyone realizes that what comes out of it is gaining some more expertise on how to deal with problems and how to overcome them, how to deal with the different team dynamics along the way, how to manage potential clients and how to show them that it is possible to achieve success “via” applying different and sometimes more “abstract” methods.
In the end what we want and most of the times what we have is implementable ideas that will actually help the project partners being more innovative and profitable in the future. That’s is our hope.

And now…what’s coming next for me? I still don’t know but I’m ready. Big challenges? Bring them on.


2 Comentários a “Vielen dank.”

  1. Isabelle diz:

    Rui, thank YOU so much.
    You did great work & it was really a pleasure for me to meet you
    (& of course all the other crazies)!
    Never was hard work so much fun. I really enjoyed it!

    & now?

    For the new. For the good. For all of us.

  2. Rui diz:

    Thanks Isabelle. Wish you all the luck.


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