The Global Service Jam

This video was showed at the Service Design Drinks – Lisbon. It was the result of the service we created in the last Global Service Jam.
The Global Service Jam is an amazing event.
Hundreds of participants worldwide have 48hr to design a service based on a surprise theme that is only revealed when the challenge begins. Join a team of multidisciplinary people you never met before. Get ready to sleep only a few hours. Be prepared to eat really quick (the food was actually really good). Open your mind to different opinions. Learn as much as you can from the “coaches” (in  this case “cooperativa criativa“) and the external mentors. Get in contact with a lot of creative and fun techniques that will help unblock your way until you reach the final prototype. It’s interesting in the end to see the great variety of projects and to recognize that some of them have a real potential to be implemented. Great, great event that I will for sure repeat in the future.

For my first experience I was lucky enough to be in an excellent group with Vanda (the jewel), Ricardo (the IT guy), Gabi (the clusterizer) and Rita (the manager).
We created the “digories” service. A service where anyone can store digitally and physically their most important objects. Specially those meaningful objects that are passing from generation through generation. For those who want to know more about the project please watch the video and check the description on vimeo!
For more information or if you want to participate in the next GlobalServiceJam Lisbon jut follow the link!


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