Again, the LisbonLovers video

People ask me if it’s possible to measure the impact of the video? Well, I still don’t know if they’ve sold more t-shirts and mugs but the fact is that after 6 weeks they have more 4500 followers on Facebook. Spontaneous followers (around 3000 of them in the 3 weeks following the launch of the video). I’ve heard stories of people who showed the video in inspirational group meetings, friends who got to know this via online news (Vogue, Clix, Publico, Destak…). Friends who got to know this via friends of friends. Hundreds of anonymous people who wrote that they where identifying themselves with the images and the amazing song from Márcia. In some newspapers I was promoted form “designer” to “director” and from Rui Quinta to “Rui Quintas” – plural now! Thousands of shares online and in the end almost 100.000 views which for the portuguese reality it’s a big and valuable number. At a personal level it was also interesting. From this exposure I was also contacted for potential new assignments. I will give some more time into making “moving images” in the future. All of this was not bad. Not bad at all.

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