The Sound of Images

If possible, “watch” the video with your headphones on.

I wanted to try something different and so I went on vacations with a small handy camera. I didn’t take any pictures this time but I’ve shot close from 1000 short videos during those sixteen days. The camera I’ve used has a special feature. The sound. It has a digital built in microphone and this made me be more aware about sounds and sound of images.
I had no idea in mind for the composition or theme so I decided to gather as much information as I could. In the end and after some months I’ve decided to start looking at all the material I had and some patterns start emerging.

This is the 1st video of a series of 4 that are simply based on basic camera movements that point directions and ways to see things in different ways. POV exercises. The video shows no tricks or special editing. There’s no music composition. What you ear goes with what you see in those specific moments.


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