Design Thinking Workshop – Startup Pirates@Lisbon

This is what happened last wednesday at the StartupPirates event. These guys invited me to organize and facilitate the Design Thinking workshop…and I couldn’t say “no”.

I’ve invited Rui Simas (copywriter/comediant) and Joana Mateus (designer/illustrator) to join me in this challenge…and they couldn’t say “no”, also!

I have to say that part of the hard work – putting people on track – was already done. These pirates know how to keep people in motion and in good spirit.

For the workshop we took the classic “wallet experience” from the Stanford DSchool and reinvented it. Instead of building something individually we worked with groups, instead of wallets we adapted to the pirates scene andwe asked people to design “swords”, instead of one hour we gave them a bit more time. We (the facilitators) defined 3 different personas and 3 different well described swords – yes we had to do some extra home work – and made the groups design a new “tool” for us.

Seems like something like this could work with other topics. In the end a 1 minute pitch “a la Dschool Style” with the teams showing stunning creative work, and a 30 minute talk about the process by showing a practical case studie (

Guys, thanks for the spirit and ARRRRRRR


2 Comentários a “Design Thinking Workshop – Startup Pirates@Lisbon”

  1. Daniel diz:

    sounds like a nice workshop.
    and i love the pirate theme for the DT workshop. it should be fun, after all!

    keep it up! greetz from berlin

  2. Rui Quinta diz:

    Thanks again Daniel! Hope to see you ate the Dcon.


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