Hello! This is what I do. Wanna give me a call?

I’m a portuguese Communication Designer with the special focus on not being focused on anything in particular. I started as a “classic” graphic designer, soon I’ve made my own company, learned about the importance of understanding the business perspective, developed interest in brand strategy and in the last years I’ve been consciously applying some core “values” of what some people call “design thinking”. Basically, I want to help people realize their beliefs, transform that into images and feelings while bringing everyone into the design process.

If you need to create a new brand with a catchy name, redesign your actual brand, plan a new service for your company, have a refreshing online presence or a video that shows your feelings, contact me and let’s do it together.
Go! I’m working from Lisbon at the moment!

If you have a bit more time check my new project www.toyno.com
Mobile: +351 917 441 524 (Lisbon)
Mobile: +49 177 453 64 57 (Berlin)

Email: rui@ruiquinta.com

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